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1. march 2009 at 13:53 | Amber |  WWW tipy

EN: Hi, here are some of my graphic resources favourite sites - hope I haven't forgotten anybody :)
CZ: Uvádím tady nějaké zdroje, ze kterých mám stažené textury a brushe. Snad jsem na nikoho nezapomněla :)

Large textures:
Small textures:


Sorry if I haven't mentioned someone.
I tried really hard to make this list as blow-by-blow as possible :)

Actually, it is quite possible that I haven't used some of these (yet). I just update this list everytime I have this "big-downloading-fever-day". It means that these links are either resources for my arts or places where from I donwload materials and store them in my PC for later... you know, like "Woow, that brush set is lovely! I will keep it and use it next time" :)

If you haven't found yourself on the list but you think I have used any of your goodies, PLEASE, let me know!! I will immediately add your link here!

Some of the resources are also listed among my Favourites on DA.
Just go and see


1 LiLINka | 2. march 2009 at 14:05 | React


2 Piperka | Web | 15. march 2009 at 14:35 | React

Vážně hrozně díky za tyhle stránky, díky texturám z fractured-simplicity se mi po dlouhé době poodařilo konečně vytvořit něco aspoň trochu povedeného:

Vážně hrozně děkuju:-))

3 Samantha | Email | Web | 3. march 2010 at 18:38 | React

Díky za tento zoznam!!! Mám nový PC a o všetky staré veci som prišla, takže aspoň viem, kde niečo dobré posťahovať :)

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